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Better-Than-Movie-Theater Popcorn

For a recipe that truly highlights the flavor of OmegaOil, try it with stovetop popcorn

Buttery and delicious, OmegaOil popcorn tastes like its from the movie theater.

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Basil Arugula Salad with Herbes de Provence

Make fresh basil the star of the show in this simple yet surprising salad. 

This versatile salad works equally well as a side dish or main course (just add grilled chicken or salmon on top).

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Blasted Broccoli with OmegaOil

How do you turn broccoli into something your kids won't just eat, but will beg you to make?  You blast it!

This recipe is a crowd-pleaser for all ages, is delightfully simple, and only takes about 25 minutes.

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