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See You Later, Fish Oil. OmegaOil is a 100% Vegan Source of Omega-3s

One question I am often asked is, "Does OmegaOil contain any fish oil?" Because of the association between omega-3s and fish, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the topic.

Let me start by saying the answer to the question above is no. OmegaOil does not contain any fish oil whatsoever. OmegaOil is made entirely from fruit and seed oils. Our ingredients are: olive, coconut, flax, sunflower, avocado, and chia oils. Nothing else. OmegaOil is a 100% vegan source of rich omega-3s

Fatty fish are an excellent source of omega-3s. However, contrary to common belief, they are not the only nor even the most efficient way to get the omega-3s our bodies need. Fatty fish get their omega-3s through their diet, just like we do. Depending on their position in the oceanic food chain, fish consume omega-3s either by eating other, smaller fish or by eating the omega-3 source (microalgae) directly. 

Like fish, we can either consume creatures that themselves consume omega-3s (fish), or we can consume the omega-3s directly. With OmegaOil, we have taken the latter approach and crafted an oil that uses the original vegan sources of omega-3s to provide essential fatty acids. Because OmegaOil is entirely plant-based, it has a light and delicious flavor that complements any dish you make.

Swapping your current cooking oils for OmegaOil is a simple way to get the omega-3s your body needs. No fish oil pills. No worrying about whether the salmon you're eating contains toxins. Just rich omega-3s from delicious, 100% plant-based whole foods. 

July 25, 2015

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7 Instagram Food Accounts You Want to Follow Now

Love food? Love looking at pictures of food (almost) as much as you love eating it? Yep, us too. These Instagram accounts are a must follow for anyone who loves the kitchen inspiration you get from gazing at beautiful photos of delicious food.

    (Warning: May induce serious cravings.)


      Kale & Caramel

      The name pretty much says it all: healthy, with a side of delicious. LA blogger, Lily, offers "food for all five senses." We're particularly taken with her Nectarine Olive Oil Froyo Popsicles

      The Baker Mama

      Perhaps the only thing that gets us more than beautiful food is beautiful food + adorable kids. Maegan mixes snaps of delicious treats in with her lovely brood (those dimples!) It's a combo guaranteed to make anyone smile. Next up on our to-make list are her Two-Ingredient Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Bites.

      The Crunchy Radish

      Radishes should be crunchy. And food blogs should be inspirational. In addition to impeccably plated dishes, Miranda serves up pics of the places she's been. Makes you feel like you're tasting every dish with her! Need some inspiration? Check out her Cherry Tomato and Cucumber Panzanella

      A Sweet Spoonful

      Seattle is pretty much a foodie's playground. And Megan takes full advantage of the natural abundance around her by weaving recipe photos in with imagery of the landscape from which many of the ingredients come. Her Toasted Coconut Popsicles bring back childhood ice cream truck memories.

      Half-Baked Harvest

      Don't let the name fool you: there is nothing half-baked about this. Every dish looks like it was prepared on the Tuscan farm our grandmother never had. Cast iron, raw wood, and lots of delectable veggies and meat. Try Tieghan's One Pot Greek Oregano Chicken with Orzo for an easy twist to your weeknight routine.

      Dessert for Two 

      Ever feel like cooking for one or two isn't worth the effort? Christina's recipes will banish the notion. Her brilliant blog shows you how to prepare easy and elegant meals on a smaller scale. Equally perfect for weeknights or date nights. We're head-over-heels with her summery Soba Noodle Steak Salad right now. 


      The Clever Carrot

      Self-described purveyor of "healthy comfort food," Emilie offers up vibrant dishes made from whole foods. Bonus: she's also a gifted photographer and takes pictures that make you feel like you're there alongside her. Try her Marinated Fennel + Tomato Salad for your next picnic.